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Evan Donn

I'm a multimedia jack of all trades - video, graphics, animation, scripting, etc. I've been doing this professionally for just over 6 years and spent another 5-6 years prior to that learning it all. I'm largely self-taught although I have picked up a couple of degrees along the way.

If you want to know more and/or are interested in hiring me in some capacity be sure to check out my bio and work samples from the links on the right....some of them aren't active yet but will be soon.

This Site

Over the past few years I've been teaching classes at a couple of schools in the SF Bay Area, and as a result I've put a lot of time into developing materials covering topics related to digital video. When I'm not teaching, these materials are just sitting on my hard drive and not doing any good...so I felt the best way to extend their usefulness was to put them online where anyone could read and learn from them. That's what this site is here for, with a long term goal of expanding it to cover other topics I'm interested in.

Divergent Shadows?

There's a sub-community of conspiracy theorists who believe that the moon landings were faked, and they've come up with all kinds of evidence to support this theory. Most of this evidence comes in the form of analysis of photographs and video from the landings; they believe that this evidence proves that the entire thing was filmed on a hollywood soundstage.

One of the examples of this that is often cited is the appearance of "divergent shadows" in some of the pictures...click here for the rest of the story